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Aritic PinPoint Forms FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions that give you insights into the Aritic PinPoint application.

Forms and Contact Activity

(1) Is a contact activity tracked before they convert on the form?

Yes. Aritic PinPoint tracks the activity when a visitor lands on your page and recognizes them as a unique visitor by setting tracking cookies in their browser. Once the form is submitted, Aritic PinPoint tries to associate them with any previously tracked activity.

However, if a visitor happens to clear their cookies before submitting a form, previously tracked activities will not be associated with the new contact.

(2) My contact has submitted the form, yet they do not have any page views. Why?

Even when a contact has submitted the form, the number of page views property value might be ’0’, this is because the cookies were blocked while submitting the form. There could be several reasons for this:

  1. Cookie tracking in the form options is disabled
  2. Contact chose to block the cookies
  3. If you use the Aritic PinPoint Forms API, it would not be set to pass a cookie

Furthermore, the Aritic PinPoint tracking code must be installed on your site in order to track page views.

(3) Some of my contacts are missing the value for IP City, IP State, or IP Country. Why?

Various third-party databases are used by Aritic PinPoint to match a visitor’s IP address to their geographic location. Mainly, there may be two reasons for the blank IP address of contacts:

  • In some rare cases, Aritic PinPoint may not be able to match its database against the geolocation. IP address location data might be inaccurate in some geographical locations so, in those instances, Aritic PinPoint would not find a match for all three IP properties.
  • In other cases, the contacts must have enabled cookie tracking while submitting the form. Or they must interact with an email tracked with Aritic PinPoint to associate the IP address.

Edit and Custom Form

(4) Why is a custom field not available as a field in the form editor?

The most straightforward reason for non-availability could be that it is not set up to be shown in forms. Here is how you can set it up:

  • Go to the Settings option on the right of your Aritic PinPoint dashboard. 
  • Click on Custom Fields.
  • Click on New.
  • On the right, ensure that Visible on forms is turned on.

custom field on forms

  • There is another option right beside Visible on forms – Visible on short forms.
[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

Make sure to turn this on if you want your custom field to get displayed in the quick add contact modal.


short forms

(5) Can a custom field/ticket/deal property be used as a field on my Aritic PinPoint forms?

No. you can only add custom fields as fields on an Aritic PinPoint form. If you have an Enterprise or Professional account, you can use the workflow to copy contacts to company custom fields.

(6) Is it possible to use progressive profiling in a form with cookie tracking disabled?

No. Progressive profiling will not work if the cookie tracking is disabled as there will be no tracking cookie for the form files to refer to for identifying a contact.

(7) Can the field validation text on my form be changed?

You cannot directly edit the form field validation text in the Aritic PinPoint application, for example: “Please complete the required field”. But, you can still write a custom script or customize the form embed code to load on the page, replacing the default validation message. In either of the cases, a developer who has a knowledge of JavaScript would be required as this cannot be done in Aritic PinPoint. 

(8) How to integrate the custom-built form with Aritic PinPoint?

If you want to leverage extra features that are not available with the Aritic PinPoint forms, you need a developer who can help you integrate the external forms using the Aritic PinPoint forms API.

(9) Are the form’s HTML and JavaScript customizable?

JavaScript is used to build Forms in Aritic PinPoint and not HTML. Again, you need a developer here who has profound JavaScript knowledge to customize the form embed code. Other than customizing the form, if you want to go beyond adjusting the form embed code, then it must be done via the custom-build form and the Aritic PinPoint Forms API

(10) Can form submission notification emails be customized?

Apart from the default form submission notification email, you can send out custom notification emails (created with workflows), only if you have an Enterprise or Professional account.

(11) How to set a contact’s lifecycle stage with a form?

After a contact fills the form, the lifecycle stage will automatically set to Lead. You can customize it by Setting the Lifecycle stage field with an automation workflow after the contact fills a campaign form.

(12) Based on the form responses, can the contacts be redirected to different thank you pages?

It is not possible unless you build a custom form and integrate that with Aritic PinPoint using the Aritic PinPoint Forms API. If you have an Enterprise or Professional account, you can utilize workflows and send different follow-up emails based on how a contact fills out a form.

Share and Embed Forms

(13) Can an Aritic PinPoint form be embedded in an email?

Usually, emails do not support embedded forms due to security issues. Instead, it is advisable to add a CTA (Call-to-action) or a link that directs to a landing page rather than embedding a form in the email body.

Behavior of Form

(14) What is field validation on Aritic PinPoint forms?

Email field on Aritic PinPoint is instantly validated as you enter the email address. If the provided email is not valid, the form will not get submitted. Furthermore, you can block certain email domains or validate the phone numbers in the submission form.

You can also work with your developer to integrate the custom form with Aritic PinPoint using the Aritic PinPoint Forms API if you want a form with custom validation rules.

(15) Why is a field not showing on the live form?

This could happen if Aritic PinPoint or progressive profiling remember the contact from any previous interactions or testings. Progressive fields are hidden when a visitor has previously given the information or if they already have a value for the custom field. 

Form Submissions

(16) Why are there more form submissions than contacts?

For each contact, there is a form created when they click Submit button. For say, a contact registers multiple times from the same email, only one contact will be created, but for forms, there will be multiple of them. Even if a contact gets deleted from the Aritic PinPoint, the form remains but will no longer show in the filtered list by the form’s submissions.

(17) Form submissions are creating no new contacts. Why?

For a contact to be created inside Aritic PinPoint, a default email field has to be used on your form. Another option is to “allow form submission without email address to create contact”.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

If the email ID submitted already exists or if it has been already associated with a contact record, or the submission is done in a browser that has tracking cookie, the existing contact will be updated instead of creating a new one. 


(18) Why was a contact’s file removed from their form submission?

The Aritic PinPoint forms tool equips virus detection that does not let the suspicious files get uploaded in the submission. If a virus gets detected in a file submitted by the contact, the message will pop up in the details saying [File Name] removed from submission.

Refer: How to create a file field inside Aritic Pinpoint Forms.

(19) I can see “No contact recorded” in the submission form. Why?

If you decide to not allow the form submissions to create contacts email addresses, you can have two main reasons for which you will see “No contact recorded”:

  • The Email field is not required and/or included on your form
  • Contact that has been associated with the submission has been deleted from Aritic PinPoint.

(20) Why can’t I see any records on my form submission for the conversion page?

If you happen to see “No record”, this could mean that Aritic PinPoint did not or was not able to detect where the submission occurred. Here are two reasons for the same:

  1. The tracking code might not be working or firing properly if our form is embedded on an external page
  2. pageName and pageURL metrics may not have been passed in the submission form if you are using the Aritic pinPoint Forms API. These metrics are crucial for Aritic PinPoint to record the submission page.

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