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Not able to track visitors from website

It sometime happens that you are unable to track the users from your website, you are unable to know the users activity on your website.

If this is the case put your observation on following points:

Is your tracking code added properly just before the </body>?

Please confirm whether you have added the desired tracking code at the end of the web page before ending tag or not. If not please add the desired tracking code. 

Verify the tracking code again; as given under the settings.

To confirm whether you have added the tracking code or not then please check from PinPoint Landing Page Settings.
Aritic PinPoint DashBoard > Settings > Configuration > Landing Page Settings > 3rd party website tracking code.

Is your PinPoint application working properly?

Please check your PinPoint Setup, please verify these points:-

  1. Whether you have launched the PinPoint or not?
  2. Launched URL/Sub domain is correct or not?
  3. Whether you have verified SPF and DKIM?
  4. Added Tracking Code or not?
  5. Selected Time Zone is correct or not?
  6. Launched URL/Subdomain is correct or not?

The tracking doesn’t work for logged in PinPoint administrators.

The tracking doesn’t work for signed in Aritic administrators. This way statistics aren’t skewed by Aritic administrators looking at the page result while editing a page. So make sure you are logged out of Aritic or use an incognito browser window while testing the tracking.

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