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Manage Contact and Company Custom Fields

Contact fields are needed to be defined before you start using Aritic PinPoint for your marketing team. To add and update custom fields inside Aritic PinPoint, you can find the option under the Settings menu. All the custom fields can be widely segmented under Contact and Company.

All the custom fields have the following properties which can be configured according to your marketing team requirement.

  • Label – This is the name of a custom field
  • Alias – This is an Alphanumeric string (with no spaces) used to identify this field. A unique alias will be autogenerated when it is left empty.
  • Object – This can be either a Contact or a Company.
  • Group – Determines where this field will be displayed when viewing a specific object from the profile view.
  • Data Type – Data type for accepting the values for the contact field
  • Default Value – A default value for the custom field, it will only apply to new contacts. On a custom field, it only applies to new contacts being added, not historical ones.

Onto the right side of the new custom field screen, you will find the following settings:

  • Order – Select a field after which this new field will come.
  • Published – Select enabled if you want to keep this custom field to be in a published state and active uses.
  • Required – If enabled, then it will be mandatory to have this field for each object.
  • Visible on forms – If enabled, this custom field will also be available inside the forms.
  • Visible on short forms – If this is enabled, then this custom field will be shown on the Quick pop-up form.
  • Available for segments – If this is enabled, then this custom field will be available for Segment Filters.
  • Publicly updatable – If this is enabled, then this custom field will be updated by appending the field alias and value to the query of the Aritic PinPoint tracking pixel. This is advance setting; do enable this if you are advance user of Aritic PinPoint, otherwise, keep it disabled.
  • Is Unique Identifier – Enable this when this custom field is a unique value like, email, contact number and so on.

How to add and update Contact and Company Custom Fields:

1. Inside Aritic PinPoint, navigate to Settings > Custom Fields from the top right menu.

2. On this Dashboard you can view the existing Custom Fields for Contact and Company objects.

3. From this Dashboard, click the “New” button from the right to add a new custom field. On this new dashboard, you can add a new custom field and this field will start appearing for contact and company accordingly.

4. Once you have defined and added all the required properties for the new custom field, then, you can save this custom field.

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