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Tracking Visitors inside Aritic PinPoint

Tracking your visitors is a great way to know them. Aritic PinPoint tracks them using browser cookies. This way, every time a visitor lands on your website, Aritic PinPoint will look for an existing tracking cookie.

If it’s the first time visitor, a cookie will be associated and every page then navigated, will be recorded.

Tips on how Aritic PinPoint handles tracking cookies:

  • Even before a visitor becomes a contact, they will be tracked anonymously. When they fill out a form, Aritic PinPoint will connect to their previous page views, based on the tracking cookie. If the address filled out in the form is found to be associated with an existing contact, the visitor will get recognized as the contact. This also includes imported contacts.
  • A visitor will be considered a new one and will be assigned a new cookie if they happen to delete their cookies. However, Aritic PinPoint will eliminate the form submissions that come from the same email addresses even if the browser cookies associated are different.
  • Since cookies are unique to each browser, people sharing the same computer will be associated with a single contact. Now here, elimination or deduplication of cookies ensures that all those contacts who submit multiple forms using different email ids will be taken into account as a single record in Aritic PinPoint given that they are all coming from the same contact. Now if it happens that you submit multiple test submissions from a single browser with varying email addresses, the given submissions will overwrite each other on the same contact record in Aritic PinPoint because it has a common tracking cookie.  The best way to test submissions (where you don’t want contacts to be associated with the same contact) is to test in the private browsing mode of your browser.
  • Aritic PinPoint does not track unique visitors. The metric here is based on user behavior and may not always be reliable. A user may use a different browser, block or clear their cookies, which results in counting multiple unique visitors for a single visitor.

Furthermore, Aritic PinPoint will regard the page views to contact if they click a link attached in the tracked marketing email and that directs to a page with Aritic PinPoint tracking code installed. Also, the tracking code API is also used to track visitors in Aritic PinPoint.

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