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Migrate to Aritic Pinpoint from Hubspot [Manually]

Migrating your contacts from HubSpot to your Aritic PinPoint account may come across as a tedious task. But, to solve your problem and to lessen your burden, we have a bundle of tips from our Migration Team. Add to it; you will get a quick tour of how to export your contacts from HubSpot and import them inside Aritic PinPoint.

Understanding terminologies inside Aritic PinPoint


Aritic PinPoint

Contact Properties Custom Fields
Email Campaign
File Manager File Manager
Lead Flow On-side Widgets
Smart List Segment
Static List Static Segment
Workflow Automation
Workflow Settings Automation Workflows
Workflow Goal Goal (in Automation Actions)

Cleaning your imported files

Apart from the terminologies, other factors like Fields and Custom fields offered by each platform creates a difference.

While HubSpot has approximately 200 standard Contact properties, Aritic PinPoint comes with six default fields with an option to create n-number of custom fields to suit your requirements.

We recommend you to have a long, hard look through your HubSpot export and pair the number of fields that you are sure you need. This will not only give you an upper hand while locating data but will also keep your team more organized.

Exporting Contacts from Hubspot

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You should save the original HubSpot export file and then move with creating a new file that is clean for importing. This way, if you realize it later that you need certain fields in Aritic PinPoint, you can certainly go back and easily re-import the contacts with the concerning fields. [/lore_alert_message]

(1) Export all contacts from HubSpot.

Follow the steps to import contacts manually from your HubSpot account with contact custom fields.

  1. Login to your HubSpot Marketing dashboard, and click on Contacts. 

hubspot marketing dashboard

2. Select Contacts from the drop-down list.

contacts option husbpot

3. Click on the options menu on the contacts page, and then click on export.

4. Choose the type of format in which you want to export. Here we have selected to export contacts with all properties. Then click on Export to start exporting.

export contacts hubspot

5. Once the exporting is done, you will receive a notification in your notification area that your contact list has been delivered to your registered email.

hubspot notification

Now, we will see how to manually export contacts with certain contact fields or contact properties from HubSpot.

(2) Exporting Contacts with Selected Contact Fields from HubSpot

  1. Login to your HubSpot Marketing dashboard, and click on Contacts. 

hubspot marketing dashboard

2. Select Contacts from the drop-down list.

contacts option husbpot

3. On the Contacts page, click on Filters to segregate contacts based on those filters.

contact filters hubspot

4. Once you have selected your required filters, click on Options > Export. 

export with filters

5. Alternatively, you can save these filters and export later.

save filters hubspot

Your contacts are now exported. Let’s move on to importing contacts inside Aritic PinPoint (manually).

Importing Contacts inside Aritic PinPoint

After you have completed exporting all of your contacts, you need to remove any fields that are not wanted and then save the file as a CSV file. If a segment doesn’t already exist in Aritic PinPoint, you will want to create one in. Here are the steps to create a static segment:

  1. Login to your Aritic PinPoint Dashboard, click on Contacts from the left side-bar, select segments.

2. Click on “New Segment”. Fill the initial entries such as Name, Alias, Description. You can leave the Filters as it is. Click on Save & Close to save this segment.

Your segment is now ready. You can start importing contacts inside Aritic Pinpoint.

3. From Aritic PinPoint, again Go to Contacts menu from left. On the top right corner of Contact, click on Drop and down menu select the Import Contacts button.

4. Upload the CSV file with contacts you want to import. Here is a sample file which you can update and use directly inside Aritic PinPoint to import the contacts smoothly.

5. On the next screen, the field mapping page should show up. Select owner, segment (this should be your above build static segment), and tags to assign globally to all imported contacts. Further, map the columns from your CSV to Aritic PinPoint contact custom fields. Click on Import option to start importing your contacts.

=6. Once the import process completes successfully, you can view the imported contacts inside your Static Segment.

Dynamic contents contain filters. It will update automatically as soon as contacts fulfill (or not) the conditions: Add contacts from a campaign action, Add contacts from a form action, Add contacts from the interface, Import contacts into segments.

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Be careful: Contacts manually added into segments will not be removed even if they do not fulfill the condition’s filters. That’s why when importing contacts, we advise creating static segments only for imports. Then create dynamic segments that will seek contacts from the import. It’s better to avoid future issues with campaign scenarios.


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