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How to move contacts between different Stages

Everything within Aritic PinPoint is automated and dynamic. Contact segmentation is updated every time your contact moves from one stage to another. However, sometimes you need to make changes in defining the marketing stage. This can be easily done within Aritic PinPoint. To move a contact from one stage to another, you can do it either using a campaign or by moving it from within the Contacts.

PS: When you are moving a contact from one stage to another, make sure it doesn’t go back to its previous stage.

Follow the below steps for how to move the contact from one stage to another stage:-

Move Contacts between stages through Contacts: –

  1. Go to Dashboard > Contact.
  2. Select the Contact accordingly for which you want to change the Stage.

3. Click on the “Drop Down” arrow beside the Name/Email Id indicated on the top.

4. Select “Change stages”.

Move Contacts between stages through Automation Campaign: –

1.1. Go to Automation Campaign.

1.2. Select the campaign of your choice, and click on the “New” button.
1.3. Choose the “Launch Campaign Builder” option.

1.4. Inside the “Action” option, select “Change Contacts Stage”.

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