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Understand Migration Process to Aritic PinPoint

For full website migration, the Aritic PinPoint migrations team will recreate your existing website on Aritic PinPoint’s CMS. Based on your review agreement with our team, your existing website will be recreated in Aritic PinPoint’s modules on our CMS framework.

How do I request a migration?

While new customers are required to work with the sales team, the existing customers can coordinate with their customer success manager to proceed with this service. The website you wish to migrate to Aritic PinPoint must be live so that our migration team can view it without having to gain special permission to your current CMS. The team will also look into your current website to see if any functionality or feature cannot be migrated. The unsupported files may include widgets, scripts, or submenus.

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Given below is a list that reveals common elements that would not be recreated:

  • Pages that are database driven
  • Login or members-only section
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Mega menus, menus with non-linked content (descriptions or paragraph content), r image-based menus
  • Several widgets use server-side scripts, like calculators. It may include some JavaScript widgets too)
  • Live chats, including some JavaScript services
  • Ads (most of them. Many require server-side access to driver ad networks)
  • Video files that are not .swf, like .mp4, .wvm, etc.
  • User-generation content like forums, ratings, etc.
  • Forms requesting personal information, progressive forms, or multi-step forms
  • None of your blog comments will be transferred to Aritic PinPoint. Third-party commenting features like Facebook comments or Disqus will not be migrated
  • Real estate listings
  • Flash web, flash with embedded links/multiple files, and Flash navigation
  • Non-standard forms, column widths, and precise spacing may alter
  • Certain rollover effects, anchor tags, popups, or tables may alter.

You will get thorough notes from your Customer Success Manager or the sales representative with whom you are working regarding the migrated site. They will tell you more about the process and what you can or cannot expect to see on the migrated site.

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Please Note: After getting the approval for the migration, refrain from posting anything new on your new website. Aritic PinPoint can not apply these to your new Aritic PinPoint website after starting your migration. However, after the process is complete, you can make the desired changes to your Aritic PinPoint-hosted website.


What can I expect during the migration process?

Generally, the entire migration gets completed within 14-21 days, depending on the size, complexity, and the number of projects to process. Aritic PinPoint maintains an internal queue of migration that is to be completed, and you are provided with an estimated, but not guaranteed, finish date for your migration job.

Furthermore, you can monitor your project status in your account. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Your Aritic PinPoint technical consultant will connect with you regarding the details of your complete migration.
  2. Your technical consultant will then produce migration template layouts and styles. Once these are ready, your pages will be recreated on Aritic PinPoint CMS.
  3. When the migration technician has completed the process of migration, your web consultant will get notified to start the quality check. They will ensure that all the pages were migrated correctly and that everything looks exactly as expected and your site’s design is responsive post-migration.
  4. You will get an email notification from Aritic PinPoint once your migration is complete. It will take 2-3 weeks to complete the entire process. If your migration process takes more time than 2-3 weeks, you can ask for the status from your web consultant or check your timeline in your account.
  5. You will then be required to review the migrated content in Aritic PinPoint. Learn in detail about maintaining good deliverability post the migration process.

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