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Email Sending Suspended on Aritic PinPoint

When a high bounce rate or any fraudulent account activity is detected by our deliverability protection system, the email sending will get suspended.

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When email sending gets suspended, automated or marketing emails will also not be sent.


Before any final steps are taken to suspend your email sending, you may receive a warning banner in your email tool. The warning banner will tell you about the problem in deliverability that is detected by our protection system along with recommendations to improve them.

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What is Counted as a Suspension?

Generally speaking, these are the two scenarios for email suspensions:

  • Fraudulent activity such as spam traps is detected on your account.
  • Our deliverability protection system detects excessive unsubscribes, spam reports, abuse complaints, or blacklisting.

What is Email Limit?

  • Spam reports: In Aritic PinPoint, the spam complaint rate is 0.1%, i.e., 1 in a 1,000 sent messages. We consider it as a  spam report when your recipients click the spam button or drag the email into junk folder while viewing your email.
  • Unsubscribes: When your unsubscribe rate limit is over 5%, you will see a warning in your account.
  • Hard bounces: Aritic PinPoint’s hard bounce limit is 5%. However, some ISPs prefer to keep the bounce rates under 2%.
  • Direct complaints: If we receive any direct complaints in the Aritic PinPoint’s abuse desk, your marketing email sending might get suspended.

What can I use if my Email Sending is Suspended?

1. Free Accounts.

You will get notified about the suspension via the banner message in your dashboard. After that, the email delivery will get locked. You may continue to use other tools in Aritic PinPoint.

You will receive more detailed information via an email on your primary account when the suspension occurs.

In order to resolve the issue, you would need to clean up your contact lists and reply to the received email with the following information:

2. Lite, Professional, Enterprise or Starter.

You will receive an email from our Email Deliverability Team on a primary point of contact on your account as well as your Customer Success Manager.

Additionally, you will get steps to take and resolve the problem.

You can converse directly with the team and your account manager on the following steps. When you reply to the original email thread, you can expect a response within one business day.

Fraudulent Account suspension

If the email gets suspended due to fraudulent activity, all of your accounts will get a banner notification regarding the problem in the email tool. Then, click on the link to submit all the information concerning your contacts and the email sent to you. Aritic PinPoint will review the submission and get back to you within two business days.

Follow up will be done through the primary point of contact as well as the banner information on your account.

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