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Maintain Good Deliverability After You Migrate to Aritic PinPoint

More often than not, customers may experience a dip in the email deliverability rate when they migrate to Aritic PinPoint. Though this is entirely natural, here is a guide that delivers everything you need to know about it. You will see why a platform switch affects deliverability, and with that, a thorough plan of action to help you sail through it smoothly.

After migrating to Aritic PinPoint from any other platform, you may come across a dip in email deliverability rate. Moreover, this is reasonable.

Whenever you shift to a new platform, you will experience a downward shift in the email deliverability rate. This makes the users think that it is a technical glitch while this is nothing but a temporary effect of migration.

After a while, you will see the email deliverability rate returning to normal. However, what if there is a smart way to migrate? Yes, there is a quick way to migrate that many users are often not aware of.

This guide thrives on showing you just that. Exploit this to minimize the drop in deliverability, leverage the migration process, and also maximize the contact engagement.

Why platform migration affects email deliverability?

Before we dive in and reveal the strategies, let us first understand how deliverability works in accordance with your marketing automation platform or email marketing.

Amongst all the factors that affect email deliverability, one that remains prominent is your reputation as a sender.
When you begin from scratch, you use your initial email marketing or marketing automation platform to establish the contact-sender relationship with all mailbox providers.

For say, you are beginning with a platform called A to leverage your marketing efforts by building an email list. Your first relation gets built with contact when they enter your platform by submitting a form or registration page on web/ mobile application. A form is what we consider a viable option.

We recommend bringing a more significant number of contacts through forms to ensure the relationship gets off on the right foot.

Now that you have been using platform A to engage with your contact regularly, platform A builds a relationship with them. Your contact’s inbox starts to recognize the platform and gives it the trust certificate. Now, this is where a significant number of users get muddled. The contact-sender relationship has less to do with the platform and more with the credibility a secure platform has.

This brings us to the conclusion that when you switch to Aritic PinPoint, your relationship with the contacts and the overall reputation begins from scratch again.

However, this is not to mean that the email deliverability will only roll downward, it is only temporary. As the new platform gets acquainted with the change, the deliverability rate will soon be back to normal.

Now, that you know the secret, let us now spill the beans and see what are some ways to make the best impression.

Maximize Engagement During the Migration Process

If we were to quote a particular period of time for a strategic plan to work out and kick establish your relationship with the new platform, it would be anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

Also, you need access to both – your initial platform and the one you are migrating. So, kindly maintain the account with the initial one for at least 30 days after you commence the migration process.

Generally, you would have some previously created freebies such as eBook, whitepaper or demo which would come handy.

Now for say, you are migrating to Aritic PinPoint from platform A, so here are the steps you can follow to maximize engagement and streamline the relation-building process:

STEP 1: It is time to refresh your freebies for using it again, in a unique manner: You could add a new tool to the digital workbook or swap some paragraphs off your whitepapers. The aim is to engage your reader, be it new ones or the existing ones.

STEP 2: Importing contacts into Aritic PinPoint: The next step is to tag the contacts with a source tag: “SOURCE – Platform A.”

STEP 3: Exercise Aritic PinPoint to curate a form: The form will have a significant role in having the contacts opt-in and receive free offers.

STEP 4: Leap back inside the initial platform, i.e., platform A; send a sequence of campaigns (2-3 emails over a period of 1-3 weeks) to all your contacts. The emails should have a link to Aritic PinPoint form so that they can fill it out and obtain offers. This way, you are using your reputation with the initial platform to enhance the credibility of the email deliverability rate with Aritic PinPoint. Here is what it does:

  • Directs traffic to the form and get contact information inside Aritic PinPoint contact engagement.
  • Reveals the number of contacts who are actually engaged, i.e., the ones who open > click > opt-in for the free offer. (Even if your previous platform does not bring in much traction, no need to get worried, this way you atleast got to know who your most engaged audience are!)

STEP 5: Apply “Top Engager” contact tag to the contacts who are most engaged: This is to know who your actively involved in the process and hence, build a stronger connection with them.

To add above contact tag on the contacts, you should build a Global Segment and then from Automation Workflow trigger to add above contact tag.

Note: It is advisable to have your contacts fill out the form rather than importing. Though Aritic PinPoint asks for imported contact origination, the ones who manually fill out a form are likely to have a stronger engagement.

STEP 6: After the completion of the initial free offer campaign sequence, you can easily swap to Aritic PinPoint: After you do so, you have to begin another ongoing sequence that is sent only to the contacts with “Top Engager” tag. By sending them consistently, i.e., weekly, monthly, or every time you send out a mail to highly engaged contacts for initial months, you signal the platform that your contacts really want your content. Later, you can exercise engaging the less active once and see if you can bring them too, into the “Top Engager” status.

Final Words:

Now that you know how to effectively migrate to Aritic PinPoint while leveraging your marketing campaign, you can start off with confidence. And even though you feel like not complying to the exact steps, it is perfectly fine. In that case, here is what you need to know about:

  • Key to migrating to a new platform is to launch it with a free product or offer. The idea is to provide value to the contacts and establish a good connection with them in the initial stage itself.
  • Try to get the contacts via form submission, and follow up with a “Welcome!” email to gets them to open the email right away and enhance deliverability rate.
  • Encourage communication, especially the ones you think your contacts will connect to. The biggest mistake that could probably land you in the spam folder is – not delivering the right content to the right audience.

So this was all you needed to know to gear up while migrating. If you have implemented these techniques, we would love to know how it worked for you. Let us know about it in the comment section.

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