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Manage Email Delivery in First 30 Day on Aritic PinPoint

How does it feel when you change your domain name and lose your SEO ranking? Migrating to a new email provider is a similar experience. Although that is not always the case, it might still affect your deliverability. With link redirects, you can ease out this process, but establishing the same reputation as your old domain may still need to be rebuilt.

Let us look at the suggestions to get your sender reputation and re-establish your engagement back to normal. Our users, after following these steps, have found deliverability rates going up.

What Can I Expect?

Initially, Low Open Rates:

Now, when you move to any new email provider, it is natural to see the deliverability rate drop. This happens because the sender cannot be trusted easily, and so some of your emails might land in the spam folder. 

Expecting the same open rates as you had with previous email provider would be unrealistic. It would take you good 30 days for engagement statistics like clicks and opens to rise. At times, bit longer with you are not planning to send frequently.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made by Users?

  • Sending too many, or too fast

While we say it is crucial to be frequent, it is more important to keep in mind, the limits set by Outlook and ISPs, for new senders. This is a common mistake you can make when just beginning. If you are exceeding the limits and sending too many emails, Outlook may cripple your sender reputation.

  • Reviving non-engaged contacts

Another common blunder new senders make is they transfer the data improperly. What this does is blends old, unsubscribed, or unengaged subscribes into your core list. You need to be extra cautious while transferring your data accurately, from old service provider to Aritic PinPoint. For more insight on this, refer our migration guide.

What are the Steps to Warm up my Sending?

Identify your contact list size

  • If you have got a list smaller than 50,000 contacts, it is going to be smooth for you. For the initial weeks with Aritic PinPoint, send to only the most engaged contacts. After that, you can start to send emails to everyone.
  • If your list is large, say more than 50,000, then you need to be cautious. This is simply because you are dealing with a list that weighs heavy in terms of addresses against one ISP. Check out the 30-day warm-up sequence that majority of the senders follow. However, your customer success manager may help you build a custom sequence, incase you need so.
    • Week 1: 25,000/day
    • Week 2: 50,000/day
    • Week 3: 75,000/day
    • Week 4: 100,000 messages/day
    • Week 5: Entire list

Interact with your most engaged contacts

The best move you can make is to send to your most engaged contacts initially. They could be someone who has purchased or opened in the past 30, 60, or 90 days. Though you will be sending fewer messages initially, this is crucial to establish a reputation in the long-run.

Doing so will ensure that your open rate rises and your emails come across as credible. This also ensures that you are not sending any cold email, or to inactive addresses which could threaten your reputation.

Some More Tips

Here are some more tips you can utilize if you want to take extra precautions:

  • Refrain from introducing any new lists
  • Use identical brand – name, design, etc. you should refrain from risking any confusion to recipients that could lead to complaints.
  • To help ease the transition, setup DKIM, and SPF; though this is not necessary.
  • Use the same domain name
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The bottom line: Migrating can cause uncertainties; it is crucial to realize the dip in deliverability is natural. However, following the best practices will ensure that you get back to the same level of open and click rates and keep them healthy.


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