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Emails are Landing in Spam

Email open rate depends on inbox email delivery and email delivery to inbox can be achieved with right technology setup on the domain name from which you are sending outgoing emails.

Following are some of the reasons for Emails landing into Spam:

Have you configured SPF and DKIM records properly?
SPF stands for “Sender Policy Framework” and DKIM stands for “Domain Keys Identified Mail”, both records are important for any sending domain name, inorder to send verified emails to mailboxes.

Inefficient Subject Line
Subject lines are the gatekeepers to your emails and the first thing that the recipient sees in their inbox. A good subject line can dramatically increase the likelihood that your email will be opened. On the other hand, a boring subject line can significantly decrease your email open rate as it implies to the readers that your email is not worth opening.

Keep a Simple Email Body Format
When someone signs up for your emails, they have something concrete in their minds. They are looking for something which is useful for them. If on receiving your emails, their expectations are not satisfied, they will stop opening your emails.

Focus on the content of the emails such that it would help in solving the recipient’s problem. Thus, the recipients will be more receptive to your emails.

Avoid Keywords Which Trigger Email as Spam
Certain keywords in the subject line trigger the email as spam. Avoiding such words will land the emails in the recipient’s inbox.

Avoid too many Links
Avoid cramming too many links in the email body. Prefer text instead of links.

Avoid Purchased Email List
Avoid Using “test” in the Subject Line
Request Subscribers to Add your Email Address in their Safe List

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