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Aritic PinPoint Salesforce Integration FAQs

Find general information and answers to your questions about Aritic PinPoint Salesforce Integration in this document. Let’s start with a handful of common queries:

I. Installation FAQs

(1) Is Salesforce Government Cloud supported by the Aritic PinPoint’s Salesforce integration?

Yes, the Aritic PinPoint-Salesforce integration supports and can connect to Salesforce Government Cloud.

(2) Is Salesforce Group edition supported by the Aritic PinPoint’s Salesforce integration?

No. This feature is not supported by the Aritic PinPoint’s Salesforce integration. Rather, the integration supports Salesforce edition that has API access and Salesforce Professional.

(3) Can multiple Aritic PinPoint accounts be integrated with a single Salesforce environment?

If your Aritic PinPoint Salesforce connector is version 2.60 or above, you can certainly add two Aritic PinPoint accounts with a single Salesforce environment. If you already have an Aritic Pinpoint account integrated with the Salesforce Environment, then you can follow the similar installation steps to integrate the other one

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NOTE: If you are integrating more than one Aritic PinPoint accounts with one Salesforce environment, it is advisable that for creating contacts in Aritic PinPoint setting, you select the option that says don’t automatically create Aritic PinPoint contacts. Doing so will ensure that leads and contacts created by one Aritic PinPoint account do not get transferred to the other.


II. Sync FAQs

(1) Which Aritic PinPoint contacts will get synced to Salesforce?

All of your Aritic PinPoint contacts, by default, will sync to Salesforce. However, if you intend to create or have created an inclusion list in Aritic PinPoint, only the contacts that meet the criteria will sync.

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In your integration settings, if new Salesforce contacts or leads are set to create Aritic PinPoint contacts, then a corresponding contact will get created or deduplicated automatically inside Aritic PinPoint when Salesforce lead or contact is getting created. Even if you have an inclusion list created in which the Aritic PinPoint contact is not in, this will happen. Any further update to this contact/lead from either of the platforms will not be synced to the other platform.

(2) How does Aritic PinPoint-Salesforce integration manage duplicate records?

Aritic PinPoint duplicates Salesforce accounts with the associated contacts. Once the said relationship is set up, the Aritic PinPoint company will not sync to any other salesforce account. For instance, if contact is connected to an Aritic PinPoint company which is also connected to a different Aritic PinPoint company, then they will be associated with a different Aritic PinPoint company’s corresponding salesforce account. It will not sync the original Aritic PinPoint company to any other company’s corresponding salesforce account.

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Aritic PinPoint does not deduplicate salesforce opportunities.

(3) Can Salesforce person accounts sync to Aritic PinPoint?

Yes, it is feasible to sync person accounts in Salesforce to Aritic PinPoint. But, person accounts cannot have associated contacts in Salesforce, like business accounts. Instead, person accounts use a particular record type ID  to store both a contact and an account on the same layout.

Salesforce creates a contact in the background every time a new person account is created in the Aritic PinPoint.

Though it is not visible, Aritic PinPoint ensures to create a unique company and contact record when it is enabled. The account details will sync to both the Aritic PinPoint contact name and Aritic PinPoint company name, so this makes the companies exist with the person account names.

(4) Will activities inside Aritic Pinpoint create duplicate Salesforce tasks?

Whenever your marketing email, sent from the Aritic PinPoint account, gets clicked or opened by the contacts, that activity is duplicated and recorded on the object record timeline. Tasks are created in two situations:

  1. When your contact opens or clicks a marketing email more than once, then more than one Salesforce tasks will be created.
  2. If your contacts forward the marketing email to any other recipient and if they open or click the mail, it will be attributed to the original contact and so, more salesforce tasks will be created.
(5) Why does the Lifecycle stage not appear properly in Salesforce?

Lifecycle stage is a property that is default in Aritic PinPoint and does not exist in Salesforce. To sync it, you need to create a custom field in Salesforce, and then create a field mapping in the Aritic PinPoint.

(6) Why is the Company name property of a contact not syncing with salesforce?

If this situation arises, it might be because the Aritic PinPoint contact is syncing with a salesforce contact, whereas it should sync with the salesforce lead. This could happen because:

  1. Company Name text field exists in the salesforce leads
  2. Salesforce contacts have an Account Name field linked to the associated account record.

Account Name and Company Name are two different fields and hence, they cannot sync with the same property in Aritic PinPoint. Furthermore, Account Name is a reference field which means that its value cannot sync with Aritic PinPoint property Company Name – a single line text field type.

So it is clear that the Company Name will not sync with sales force if an Aritic PinPoint contact syncs with a salesforce contact. However, in case the account sync is enabled, the associated account of the Salesforce account will sync with the corresponding Aritic PinPoint contact’s associated company. These associated company properties are/can be used in Aritic PinPoint list and CRM filters, content personalization and workflows.

(7) Does email opt-out status sync between Aritic PinPoint and Salesforce?

Yes. A regular field mapping is automatically created after the Aritic PinPoint-Salesforce integration is installed, and it syncs the Aritic PinPoint contact property that is opted out of all email and the Salesforce lead/contact field Email opt out. However, in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws, this field mapping cannot be modified or deleted.

  1. The other system will get updated once the Email opt-out checkbox is selected on the contact record or salesforce lead or the contact is opted out of the email communication in your Aritic PinPoint account
  2. In case contact is already opted out of email communication in your Aritic PinPoint account, clearing the checkbox will not resubscribe them. Instead, the contact must take action in order to receive your marketing gmails again, that are sent from your Aritic PinPoint account.
  3. In a case where the contact is not presently syncing between the Aritic PinPoint and salesforce, i.e., they are not included in your salesforce inclusion list, if there is a setup, the email opt-out status is not going to be passed from either system until the first time a contact syncs.
(8) Will Closed/Won opportunities on Salesforce accounts convert Aritic PinPoint contacts to customers?

These are the steps that must be taken to enable the setting in Aritic PinPoint to change the lifecycle stage of associated contacts to customers:

  1. Account Sync for syncing Salesforce accounts to Aritic PinPoint companies.
  2. Automatic lifecycle stage transition setting, this is for the actions taken on an associated Salesforce record in order to influence the lifecycle stage of the equivalent Aritic PinPoint contact.

Lifecycle stage sync setting, this is used to apply a uniform change to all the contacts associated with the same company in Aritic PinPoint by applying changes to contact’s lifecycle stage.

III. Salesforce Owners

(1) How does Aritic PinPoint identity a Salesforce owner?

Aritic PinPoint recognizes Salesforce Standard, Guest, PowerPartner, and Queue as salesforce owner when:

  1. Salesforce user is in charge (owns) a lead, account, contact or an opportunity record that syncs to Aritic PinPoint
  2. They are imported from salesforce to Aritic PinPoint
(2) How is Salesforce owner’s information synced to Aritic PinPoint?

The Owner ID on a Salesforce lead, account, contact, lead or opportunity record will sync to the Aritic PinPoint company/deal owner/contact property.

Any Salesforce owner can sync to Aritic PinPoint but the ones who can sync to Salesforce are owners in Aritic PinPoint that match an active Salesforce email address and user’s name.

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