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WordPress Integration

You can add Aritic PinPoint tracking code inside your WordPress CMS website by 2 methods.

First method is simple, this requires little bit of coding knowledge, you will have to add the Aritic PinPoint tracking code to footer.php file of your WordPress active theme folder, before the “</body>” line. The WordPress active theme folder is located here- “/wp-content/themes/”Active_Theme_Folder”/footer.php”. This update can be done by your web design team.

If you don’t have coding knowledge, then don’t worry. You can follow this second method:

Second method involved adding WP-Aritic Plugin to your WordPress website and then adding the Aritic PinPoint URL. To add and configure this plugin into your WordPress CMS, follow these steps:

1.Login to your WordPress CMS with Admin privilege.

2. Navigate Plugins > Add New from the left menu.

3. Search “WP Aritic” from the search menu and from this screen install and activate the plugin.

4. After you successfully activate the plugin, navigate to Settings > WPAritic from the left menu. On this screen you need add Aritic URL – This is the the URL on which your are accessing your Aritic PinPoint instance.

For this example, if I am able to access my Aritic PinPoint instance at “” –

Then, I can add “” to “Aritic URL” under the WordPress settings.

Note: You need to remove the additional part appearing after “/ma/” from in the URL.

Tracking script location

You can keep to load the Tracking script location to “wp_footer” or even “wp_head” works well.

On this this page, you can enable “Activate it when JavaScript is disabled?” under the “Tracking image” option. This feature enables the backup .gif based contact tracking on the browser if, the JavaScript is not able to load on the contacts’ browser.

Finally save the Changes on this page.

Congrats! Now your website tracking code is added to your WordPress website.

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