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View Scoring Actions of Automation Workflow

Once you have launched your campaign, it is useful to know which contacts have got points with scoring actions. This helps in hyper-targeting these contacts in future campaigns. To build this report, follow the steps below:

A report can be created to display only scoring actions.Go on the “report” section.

Go to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > reports > engagement > Create new report


Choose a name (eventually a description) and choose “Contact point log” as Data source.

In the ‘Data’ tab, we will create the report columns. Columns section represents the columns you will see in your report. Choose columns as per your requirements by clicking on it.

Below are the columns to view scoring actions of automation workflow. You can add whatever column you need.


You can use the Filter section to add filters in your report. Let’s apply a filter on “Point event type” to get data only from campaigns. In this filter, write campaign as value.

In this kind of report, you will see duplicate emails but they are not duplicate. It is because the same contact can have many scoring actions. So to make the viewing easier, let’s apply an order on emails to follow contacts scoring.

After you are done, click on Save and close to save your changes.  .


  • The column “Point change” represents how many points have been earned or lost.
  • The column “Point change date” represents the date when the scoring action has been executed.
  • The column “Point event action” represents the action that has been defined in the campaign.
  • The column “Point event type” represents the source of the scoring action (campaigns, forms, etc.)
  • The column “Point event name” represents the name of the event type preceded by its ID (in this example: the name of campaigns and their IDs).
  • The column “Points” represents the actual points of contacts (the today’s date) this is why for one contacts with few lines, the points will be the same.

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