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Using Workflow Automation to Manage your Deals

When you click on one of the buttons that bring up the “Add Deal”, you name it and assign it a value, select the pipeline, and stage it belongs to and determine the team member who is responsible for the deal. You can add contact information at the end.

  • Go to the automation Campaign>>Sales>>Deal Based.

As mentioned in the section under “How to Create a New Deal”, you have gone through the steps on how you can add the deals manually. Aritic PinPoint allows automated deal creation, which is a powerful way to track every contact who enters your pipelines.

For the automation of deal creation, click on the “Automation Campaign” tab to go the automation builder. In case, when a contact meets specific standards, they automatically enter that automation. In case, if that automation is integrated to any of your sales pipeline, you will be required to create deals for every contact who meets the criteria needed so that you can track those in our CRM.

  • Click on Campaign Studio>>Contact Source.

The addition of a deal to the automation leads to the configuration of Aritic PinPoint to automatically create deals for every contact which enters the automation.

In other words, we can conclude that deals are a way to record pipeline entry and all subsequent actions by a contact in a pipeline.

To add automation, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Click on the plus sign at the point in the automation where you want to add a deal. After clicking a window gets opened called “Add new action”. The next step is to click on “CRM” and then click on “Add deal”.  When the “Add a Deal window” pops up, you can name the deal, assign it a value and determine the pipeline, stage and the team member to which it belongs to.

For instance, adding personalization tags create deals for each contact and also assigns personalized names to every deal. Once you have filled all information, click save so that your deal creation is automated.

  1. Click on the “Actions” menu on the right side of the automation builder. After finishing this step, you can click on the CRM button in the sidebar to get a drop-down list of actions. The first option is “Add deal”, when you click, hold, and drag the “Add Task” button to a plus sign in the automation, a new window “Add a Task” pops up, where you can fill the information and click save.

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