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Getting Started with Pipelines, Stages, Deals, and Tasks

In Aritic PinPoint, clicking on the “Deals” tab can take you to our comprehensive CRM, a feature that is available on small business plans. If you want to automate and manage every sales process, you can use this feature. You can utilize CRM to automate any business process- internal or external. We focus on CRM strictly as a sales tool and as a flexible and powerful sales tool. If you want to utilize CRM to its fullest, then you can take the help of the following guidance.

During the following steps, we can define CRM as pipeline, stages, and deals and understand how to create, automate and make the tasks easy.

What are deals?
Deals is a qualified lead in sales opportunities. Deals are contacts that should not be there in your database. It would be there in the pipeline and is on track to become your customer. For qualifying in the leads, there should be preset criteria that the lead has to pass from it. Lead scoring is one of the most effective ways to qualify prospects.

What are Pipelines?

A Pipeline is a visual screenshot of where prospects are in the sales process. Pipelines show you how many deals salespeople are expected to close in a given week, month, or year and how close a rep is to reaching their sales quota.

A typical sales pipeline might look like this:

Target, Contacted, Meeting Agreed, Proposal Sent

What are Stages?

Pipelines contain stages. If pipelines are your processes, stages are the steps that deals must advance through to complete those processes.

What Is Task?

It’s like a diary for a salesperson to do all the work in time, to keep a track of all the activities, and set reminders to keep the salesperson updated about his/her day-to-day activities that they need to do to close the deals.

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