Aritic PinPoint automatically allows you to manage your unsubscribed and bounced contacts.

You can automatically exclude such contacts from your next email campaigns. Once contacts have unsubscribed or bounced, they will not receive emails from you.

How to gather your unsubscribed and bounced contacts together in the same segment?

  1. Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Contacts > Segments > Create New Segment.

contact segment

2. Give a name to this new segment and click on the “Filters” section.

new segment

3. Under the Email Activity category, you will find +Bounced-Email and +Unsubscribe-Email fields. Add these fields one at a time to your segment.  Choose Equals to YES option in both cases.

segment fields

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4. When a new filter is added, the default operator is always “AND” (not “OR”). That means the filter is added to the previous one. It is important to change the operator to “OR” because a single contact cannot unsubscribe and bounce at the same time. It can only be one of the two at a time.


segment field editing

Click on Save and close to apply all changes.

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Once the segment has automatically updated, it will start to gather all unsubscribed contact (that have unsubscribed from previous emails) and bounced contacts (that have been declared bounced from previous emails).


You can individually identify and create two separate lists for unsubscribed and bounced contacts if needed.