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Add a Contact Into a Segment Manually

Aritic PinPoint encourages dynamic segmentation for more relevant and automated segmentation. However, if required, you can manually add a contact into a segment. There are two ways to do this:

  1. From a contact sheet
  2. Changing of the segment

(1) Adding a contact manually into a segment from a contact sheet

a) Navigate to contacts from the left menu. Select a particular contact that you want to add into a particular segment. After navigating inside the contact, click on the drop down from the top left corner, and select preferences from the drop-down menu.

b) Click on the “Segments” tab. The “My segments” field indicates the segment in which the contact is integrated.

c) Click on the field to show the segments where you want the contact to be added. Remove contact from any segment by clicking on the cross next to the name of the segment.

(2) Changing segments to add contacts manually to another segment

a) Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Contacts > Select the contacts for whom you want to change the segment > click on the drop-down arrow beside the small selection square > click on Change segments. 

b) Choose the segment to which you want to add and/or remove these contacts or contact from, and click on Save to save your changes.

change segments

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