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How to Create a Task for a Deal

Following this procedure, if you want the CRM to switch to “Tasks View”, you can click on the left icon. The deals are arranged vertically and grouped according to their tasks. Tasks define the list of work which you need to do in a day, for instance, it can be “call this contact”, “send the contact an email” or even “invite a contact to lunch”. The first view exhibits an overview of your entire pipeline.

In the upper right part of the CRM, you can switch the “Tasks View” from “Next Action” to “Stage” in the “Group By” dropdown box. If you want to present a visual presentation of the pending tasks in each stage, you can switch to the option grouping by “stage”.

When these are grouped according to the next action, only the “deals with tasks” appear. There are different groups of tasks such as “upcoming tasks”, “scheduled tasks”, and “deals that don’t have tasks”. It is aimed at simplifying the organization’s tasks which allows you to quickly decide on the deals which require immediate attention, regardless of what stage they are in the pipeline.

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