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How to Create a New Deal

To enter a stage in a pipeline, a marketer sets up specific standards for contacts. When a contact meets up the standards, deals are created. It is built to track the sales in a pipeline. The best part of creating deals is that you can create them manually and even automate the creation of deals.

  • Go to the Aritic dashboard>>Settings>>Sales Settings>>Click On Deal.

To create deals, click on the “Deals” tab. Once you have clicked on it, you have entered into the CRM.  If you click the green “+New Deal” icon in the upper right corner. An ” Add Deal” window will appear on the screen. After entering the information, click on the green “Add Deal” button in the window.

  • Add the Deal Details.

If you want to keep an eye on the display in the CRM, click on the buttons which are present just below the “+New Deal.” Click on the right icon will help you arrange pipelines and their stages horizontally.  To manually create deals, click on the “+Add Deal” button at the bottom of each stage. The deals get stack vertically under the stage you add them to.

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