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Getting Started with Aritic PinPoint

Marketing automation has evolved from being a hyped phrase to a mandatory matter for businesses. Whether an SME or an enterprise, automation is the first priority to get all the marketing efforts lined up. While business leaders are all game for data-driven efforts, the dire need of an all-rounder marketing automation tool is still existing. Despite many marketing automation tools making way into the industry, there are some gaps that are left open. Aritic PinPoint bridges these gaps while catering to all the major needs of a marketing strategy.

Aritic PinPoint offers enhanced marketing features that help in creating a personalized customer-to-brand relationship.

The focus is evenly divided between acquiring healthy leads and building a brand image that urges brand-loyalty. The seamless onboarding process and robust feature list make Aritic PinPoint stand out in the crowd.

Once signed up, you will need to configure few settings for your automation suite to work smoothly. Below is a detailed guide of all the configuration settings available on Aritic PinPoint. So, let’s get started.

Here’s an overview to get started with the configuration settings of Aritic PinPoint after signing up and successful launch of Aritic PinPoint application.

1. What goals would you like to achieve?

Inside the Aritic PinPoint application, you have to select your goals and objectives that you want to attain for your company to capture new leads and increase the sales revenue. So, you can choose an option from the below image and update it after that.

2. Import your contact

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you are ready to use Aritic PinPoint. Now all you need to do is to configure the forms and get started with lead capturing.

Advanced users can use the tracking javascript to capture leads from a website and can also use Aritic PinPoint API, in order to do a lot more operations on lead management within the application.

In case, if you already have existing leads; you can upload CSV file from your system and download sample CSV file.

Follow this guide to upload the CSV file.

You can start importing your contacts by uploading your CSV file and ensure your CSV file has columns in the same order as defined.

After importing the contact inside Aritic PinPoint, you may require to manage the contacts and followed by this, segment along with filters, for doing so, you can follow these guidelines:

3. Create a list or Segment

For creating a new segment:

Login to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard → Settings → Basic Settings →Site Tracking

Here you can create a new segment with the following options available on the screen.

a) You can add new Contacts from the right menu and filter those contacts based on per requirement as shown below. 

b) You can fill up new details by adding Name, Folder, mention the owner name and include a proper description. 

c) If you want to enable Facebook sync, then click on the Yes button. Similarly, if you want to AI enabled decision, then you can click on the Yes button. 

4) Create a form

For designing a new form: 

You will get the following options as shown on the screen:

a) Under Fields, you can add users fields like Email, First Name, Last Name.

b) Under Email, you can fill up the different categories like General, Contact Field, Validation, Attributes, Behavior, Design.

c) You can fill up the details like Name, select the suitable category, mention the publish date and time, create a description and click on the Yes button for kiosk mode and disable search indexing.

d) You have to fill up the Action field by typing the message and select the successful submit action from the drop down menu.

5) Setup you tracking and connect your website

For website tracking, you will need to:

a) You have to go to the Website and fill up the details like your Name, Page Title, Blog url, Page Description and enable the live mode to set up the tracking.  After completing all the procedures, you should not forget to click on the Save button to end the process.

b)  Then, you can open the below dialog box.

c) Under Email, you can enter the default sending domain address and submit it.

d) You can add different social media platforms as per your requirement.

If you are using your analytics account (Google Analytics) and want to track Aritic PinPoint Landing pages through Google Analytics, then you will need to put the script in your analytics box.

Also, in order to track the visitors and leads on your website, you will need to add the tracking script to the </body> attribute under 3rd party website tracking. Just copy and paste the script shown below. You can also forward this script to your IT team so that they can help you with the tracking code implementation on your website.

6) Create an email campaign broadcast to your segment

For creating an email campaign to your segment:

a) You have to select the theme. You have to click on Next button after choosing the theme.

b) After selecting the suitable theme, you can click on columns to make changes in the Padding and adjust the size of your email templates.

c) After making the required changes, you can import MJML to your email template.

7) Build an automation flow

For creating the new automation flow:

a) You have to start creating a new automation flow by selecting the name, add the category from the drop down menu. Click on the published button and then click on workflow studio to begin generating the flowchart.

b) You have to click on Contact Segments and select the All Push Subscribers, then click on Condition.

c) Select company field value and you have to fill up the details. In the end, you have to apply and close studio.

8) Design and enable conversation widget

For designing and enabling conversation widget:

a) You have to design the chat widget, so choose a live chat option in the right sidebar.

b) You can configure your team with the help of chatbot.

9) Create website popup or onsite widget

For creating website popup or onsite widget:

a) You can click on “Onsite Widget Popup and then click on the “Design New On-site widget” in the top right corner of the page.

b) You can Design the builder by collecting the data and displaying a notice to your visitors.

c) Under Bar, you can change the size, width and height of the widget.

d) Then, you can change the primary color, text color, close button color, close button cross color, button color as per your requirement.

e) You can change the content mode and add headline as shown below.

Other Features

1. System Settings

The System settings are available under configuration as follows:

Login to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard → Settings → Basic Settings → Site Tracking.

Here you can change the number of items you want to view on your dashboard or page. Your timezone, language, and other details can be set as per your preference.

The CORS settings come as NO by default.

Under the Miscellaneous Settings, you can change the IP lookup service depending on your IP.

IP based tracking setting

If there is any specific IP that you don’t want your system to track, you can mention it in the box provided. Similarly, you can select the bots that you don’t want to track from the default list provided.

2. Email Settings

On the Aritic PinPoint dashboard, go to the Settings → Advance Settings option, which appears at top right of the screen and click on Email Settings. The following dialog box will open.

In the dialog box, you will need to enter your name or the name from which you want your emails to be sent. There you also need to update the E-mail address to send mail from the field, with an email address.

Next, you may need to configure the servers, in case you don’t like to use the default Aritic PinPoint email server.

The ‘Mailer is Owner‘ tab is selected as NO by default. In case you are the mailer, select it as YES. You will also need to mention the server with which you want to send emails. Detail about this feature is explained here.

The next section is Default Frequency Rule. Here you will need to mention the count as set by your mailbox provider. All mailbox providers do not have the same count.

You can make changes to the monitored address, IMAP host, username and password as applicable. If you want, you can test the connection and fetch folders too.

For Unsubscribe requests section, you will need to specify the URL for unsubscription in the Text for the {webview_text} token box in place of |URL|. Edit your default name in place of |FROM_NAME|. In the settings further, you will need to make changes in the Confirmation message as required. In the case of re-subscription, you will need to add an email and URL for the same.

On this screen shown above, make sure you have selected “No” for Convert embedded images to Base64.

3. Integration of Social Media Plugins

Social media integration will help you enhance your entire automation strategy because let’s face it – consumers are socially active, and so are brands. You can integrate Social media plugin for Twitter; and for Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, you get an option to integrate their login buttons to your landing pages. The steps to start-

  • Aritic PinPoint Dashboard → Settings → Basic  Settings → Social Media.
  • Aritic PinPoint Dashboard → Settings → Plugins → Social.

You can do three things at present with the Twitter Plugin:

  1. Send tweets to individual contacts
  2. Conduct social monitoring
  3. Track Twitter mentions

For more details, you can take a look at the detailed integration and access process on the Social media integration document.

Update: Aritic PinPoint now offers integration with all the major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Skype.

4. SMS Service Integration

If you want to send out an SMS campaign or want to build an automation campaign based on SMS, you can do so using Twilio integration with Aritic PinPoint. To do that, you will need to register on Twilio and purchase the phone number for campaigns you want to send. Then, you will need to come back and login to your Aritic PinPoint Dashboard to continue.

For more details, read the document on SMS campaign via Twilio.

5. Push Notifications Integration

You can send push notifications to the website, Android and iOS users through OneSignal integration with Aritic PinPoint. You will need to register on OneSignal to do so. Having this feature activated, you can easily build multi and cross-channel marketing automation campaigns for lead engagement.

For details on how to set up for Push Notification Campaigns, visit the document on Push Notification Campaigns.

6. Mailbox Plugin Integration

You can integrate your Google Apps email and Outlook mail with Aritic PinPoint and operate both the applications in sync.

You can find the option to integrate these mailboxes under Settings > Plugins. You will need to activate and configure the plugin to start using this service with Aritic PinPoint.

7. CRM Integration

Once the lead at Aritic PinPoint is nurtured enough and wants to purchase the product or services which you are providing, then you can trigger and post these leads automatically into the CRM system which sales team can use later on.

For this to activate, go to:

Settings → Plugins → CRM → Choose the CRM you want to integrate.

At present, you can integrate with ZOHO CRM, Aritic CRM, Connectwise, Hubspot, Salesforce, Vtiger, Dynamics, Pipedrive, and Sugar CRM.

For a detailed process of integrating each, you can take help from the Integration document.

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