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Unsubscribe or Re-Register Contacts Manually

Your contacts can get unsubscribed from your email lists in two ways – either you manually unsubscribe them inside Aritic PinPoint, or your subscribers unsubsrcibe themselves.

A label “Do not Contact” is displayed on the Contact sheet when contacts are unsubscribed. You cannot click and remove the “Do not contact” label.

1. To do so, you need to go to the contact sheet. Choose any contact and go to the contact’s profile. There you can see whether “Do not contact” is there or not. For instance, in the example below, Borun Mukherjee is added to our Do not contact list due to which the label shows clearly. You can re-register this contact again.

2. You will see a dropdown arrow exactly next to the ‘close‘ option. Click on it, and then on “Preferences”.

3. The “Channels” tab allows you to manually unsubscribe contacts or remove contacts from “Do not contact“.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

To remove contacts from “Do not contact“, you need to check the box “email”. To manually unsubscribe contacts, you need to uncheck the box “email”.


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