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Embed Wistia Video in Your Landing Page

You can embed your existing video from Wistia on your Aritic PinPoint landing pages. Adding videos on a landing page makes it more interactive and improves conversion from visitor to registration.

Further, you can also add gated video on embedded Wistia Video on your landing page.

Follow these steps to Embed Wistia Video in your Landing Page:

1. Log in to your Aritic PinPoint account. Click on Assets and choose the Landing page and click on create new.

2. Choose the desired Theme and click on next.

3. After selecting a template; go to the builder and design the template using the options shown in the screenshot.

4. In Builder choose the “code editor” and drop the location where you want to embed your video inside the landing page. Put the Wistia video embed code inside the code mode editor.

5. After the above embed code is added, then you can change the dimensions of the video if required.
6. Now fill in the details here.

7. Click on save.

8. You’re done with the basic process and the system will generate the link to your landing page.

After embedding your video inside the landing page, you can put the Wistia video embed code in the Aritic application to make changes in the dimensions for better customer engagement.

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