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How To Create Anonymous Website Visitor Segment in Aritic PinPoint?

Inside Aritic PinPoint, you can track, reach-out and send automated message drips to anonymous website visitors. For this, you first need to build a segment of Anonymous website visitors inside Aritic PinPoint. This segment will contain all anonymous visitors who have not given any of the identifiable contact information (like email, contact number, social profile, etc) through your website.

You can use following channels to target and reach out to these anonymous website visitors using Aritic PinPoint:

  1. Re-targeted Facebook Custom Audience Ads Sync / CRM regretting ads.
  2. On-site Widgets; using website notifications and subscription box.
  3. Push notification channel; when anonymous lead subscribes to push notification channel from your website or mobile apps.

Also, you can combine above anonymous segment reach-out campaign with other communication channels inside Aritic PinPoint and create automated drip campaigns.

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