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How to use Gated Video

You can use Gated Video from Aritic PinPoint to capture the contacts from your videos through landing page, website or any pages where Aritic PinPoint tracking code is running. When the gated video code is added to the embedded video on your Aritic PinPoint landing page website, then the contact capture form will appear inside the video at a certain time interval then pause the video to capture and generate contacts/ leads.

Gated Video increases the marketing conversion rates. Every 100 video plays, the video generates 16 new leads.

Follow the steps to know how to create the video in Landing Pages:

1. Login to your Aritic PinPoint account.

2. Go to Assets > Landing Page > New.

3. From Landing Page Dashboard, click on New button to create new landing page.

4. Select the type of page/template and click on “Builder”.

5. Drag and Drop the “Video” option in the area where you want from right side editor.

7. Fill the entries under “Customize Slot”, such as Video URL, Gated Time (period of the video), height, width, etc. from the right panel.

8. Click on “Save and Close“.

Another way to embed Gated Video on your Landing Page is to click on the text area from the left builder. A text area with editor will appear at the right side of page editor. Inside the editor, click on “Insert Gated Video” icon, which is next to “Insert Image Icon“.

Note: This feature will work on any webpage where Aritic PinPoint tracking code runs in background.

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