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Troubleshoot Email Deliveries

Open Email Tracking Doesn’t Get Tracked

  1. Emails are being tracked by a tracking pixel. This is simply a 1 pixel GIF image in the source code of email messages sent by Aritic. When an email client opens an email like Gmail, Yahoo the client tries to load the images in it. The image load request is what Aritic uses to track the open email action.
  2. Some email clients have auto loading images disabled, and users have to click on a “Load Images” button to load images inside an email message. If the images aren’t loaded for this reason or another, therefore, open email tracking is not 100% accurate.

Email Link Clicks Are Not Getting Tracked

Before an email is sent, Aritic replaces all links in the email with links back to Aritic including a unique key. If the contact clicks on such a link, the contact is redirected to Aritic. Aritic tracks the click action and redirects the contact to the original location.

If the email click doesn’t get tracked, make sure that:

a. Your Aritic server is on a public URL. Tracking doesn’t work on a localhost.
b. Make sure the email was sent to an existing contact via a campaign or a segmented email.
c. Make sure the URL in the ref attribute is absolute and valid. It should start with HTTP:// or Https://.
d. You’ve opened the link in an incognito browser. More about it in the Pages troubleshooting.
e. Check if the link in the email has been replaced by the Aritic’s tracking link.

Unsubscribe Link Doesn’t Work

The unsubscribe link doesn’t work in test emails. That is because the test emails are sent to an Aritic user and not to an Aritic contact. Aritic users cannot be unsubscribed, and therefore the unsubscribe link looks like this:|URL|. However, the link will work correctly when you send the email to a contact.

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