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Create Translation of a Landing Page

Aritic PinPoint allows you to create landing pages in different languages. There are two different ways to create the same landing pages with different languages,

  • First, you create a landing page in a specific language. After that, you can simply duplicate it to get a new landing page and change the content to another language.
  • You create a translated version of the first/reference landing page.

To create a new landing page with a specific language, follow the steps to get started with landing pages. For the second method, below are the steps.

Create a translation of a landing page

Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Components > Landing Pages > Design a new landing page.

While creating your first landing page, add a language to this page. For instance, here add English for your reference page.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

Make sure you have customized the alias, which is the end of the URL.


Fill in all the required information, choose the design, and place the content. Click on save and close to save this landing page. This is now your reference page.

To create translations, you again go through the same steps of building the landing page, but this time you will need to fill out the Is a translation of field with the reference page name. Enter the language in which you want it to be translated, for instance, we have chosen French. This will automatically make your new landing page a translation of the reference page. Save the page.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

Make sure you have customized the alias (the end of the URL) according to the language you have chosen.


landing page translation

The translated versions are not displayed in the list of landing pages. Only the reference page is visible. It is easy to identify the translated versions because these have a logo beside their name.

To modify the translated page, open the reference page in edit mode. Once on the page sheet, you will see the “Translation” tab. The “Parent” tag allows you to identify which page is the reference page. The “Actual” tag allows you to know which page is selected. So when you click on edit, the actual page is edited. Click on the page name to choose another translated page. Here you will see the ‘actual’ tag which will then switch to the new page.

Using translated pages in your campaigns

You can find landing pages in campaign ‘decisions’. Add a relevant decision on the landing page visit.

  • Open Campaigns > choose any campaign > launch the campaign builder.
  • Here, add the ‘visits a page’ decision. In the ‘Limit to pages’ fields, choose landing pages.
  • You can easily differentiate a translated page from a reference page by looking at the language prefix.

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