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How to Create Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign also knows by different names i.e automated email campaigns, lifecycle email, drip marketing, autoresponders, marketing automation. It is a process through which the lead nurturing program is done to acquire the customers. It is a set of automated emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. It helps in sending the marketing information again and again over a longer period to nurture the leads through the marketing funnel. The benefits of drip emails are that it all happens automatically based on triggers and user segments that you define.

Different uses of Drip Campaigns

  1. Drip campaigns are a set of pre-written marketing emails that function together to push consumers toward an end conversion point.
  2. Drip campaigns are used for nurturing the leads in workflow and in a scheduled time.

How to Set Up a Drip Campaign
Drip campaign shows the workflow of a customer through how we have nurtured them with the campaigns. So to set up a drip campaign we have to follow the following points:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience. (Build a segment in Aritic PinPoint)
  2. Grab the attention of the target audience through the messages.
  3. Plan and figure out the logistics of your drip campaign.
  4. Start Your Campaign by implementing your own custom drip software.

Learn how to win more customers using email drip campaigns.

How to create Drip Campaigns inside Aritic PinPoint?

To create a drip campaign series, you will first need to build your email templates. Once your email templates are ready, you can start creating the drip flow.

STEP 1: Getting email templates ready

To build emails, log in to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard. Go to Assets > Email templates> Design new email template.

new email template

Here you need to fill in all the details as shown below. Once you have completed the General Tab, click on Theme.

Select a theme and click on Launch email studio. Edit, modify, and customize your email template. Learn how to use the advanced email studio builder inside Aritic PinPoint.

You can also use the code mode to build your email template.

The marketing tags are optional, although we recommend adding these for reference purposes. Proceed to the next tab Advance to finish the campaign building. In the Advanced settings, you can set up a custom header for your email campaign.

email advanced settings

Once you have set up everything, click on Save and Close to apply all changes.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

You must create all your email templates first before you begin building a drip series.


STEP 2: Getting started with the email drip campaign

If you’ve logged out of the Aritic PinPoint dashboard, then log in again. Go to Automation > Create new automation workflow.

Fill in all the details as shown under Settings. Go to Workflow Studio to get started with your drip sequence building.  Here you can create the new campaign of your choice and can schedule the campaign accordingly.

First, you need to select the segment to which you want to target the drip sequence. You can either pick a contact segment or campaign forms or build a segment for this campaign. 

contact source

After selecting the source, you can now start building your campaign. Click on the + sign on either side of the contact source box and three options will show up:

All these three are important in creating a customized and personalized drip email sequence.

Below is an instance of scheduling your drip emails:

To create a drip sequence, you can schedule an email based on an event. Here is how:

Click on Actions > Send email.

A new pop-up box will appear, here fill in all the entries, and you can select the respective time for sending your drip campaign and click on the “Add” button.

You can also specify conditions and decisions to personalize and hyper-target your email campaigns.

Below is a preview of how a drip email automation workflow may look:

This is a welcome email after a visitor submits a form against a coupon.

Once you have built the workflow, click on Apply, and then on Close Studio. Select whether you want to publish immediately or schedule the drip sequence at a specific time and date. After finishing, click on Save and Close to apply all changes. Your drip email sequence is now ready.

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