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Using Decisions Inside Automation Workflow

You can build various automation campaigns within Aritic PinPoint that are condition-based and delivered to relevant segments. Get started with decisions-based automation campaign building inside Aritic Pinpoint.

Using Decisions inside the automation campaign builder

  1. Login to your Aritic PinPoint account and go to your engagement dashboard. On the left-hand sidebar, click on Automation CampaignCreate new automation campaign.

2. Once you choose to create a new automation campaign, you will be prompted to choose the type of campaign you want to build. Here we will choose Segment based campaigns under Marketing.

3. After that click on the campaign studio to start building your campaigns with relevant decisions.

4. The first step to building an automation campaign is to select the segment to which you want to send this campaign. Here we will select Contact Segments because we are designing an automation campaign for our existing segments.

5. Under Contact Source select the relevant segment. Here we have selected Anonymous List. 

6. Once you select your segment, it is time to create your first condition. Aritic PinPoint has several decisions, each different from the others. Ensure you know what you want to achieve from your automation campaign in order to select the right decision. Below are the decisions available in Aritic PinPoint.

Here’s what each decision option refers to:

  • Device visit: Based on the device your contact uses to visit your website pages.
  • Downloads assets: Based on the assets your contact has downloaded.
  • Internal message reply: Based on the replies sent by your contacts on internal chat.
  • Messenger message reply: Based on the replies sent by your contacts on Messenger.
  • Opens email: Based on email opening by your contact.
  • Receive phone call: Based on the phone call your contact received.
  • Replies to email: Based on the replies sent by your contacts to your email.
  • Request dynamic content: Choose dynamic content and add a follow-up action of sending dynamic content.
  • Slack message reply: Based on the reply sent by your contact on Slack.
  • social post clicks: Based on social media post engagement.
  • Submits form: Based on form submission by your contact.
  • Visit a page: Based on the pages visited.
  • WhatsApp message read: Based on the read receipt on WhatsApp against your WhatsApp campaign message.
  • WhatsApp message reply: Based on the reply sent on WhatsApp by your contact.

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