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How to Configure Do Not Track Pages from Aritic Pinpoint?

Once the Aritic PinPoint Javascript (.JS) tracking pixel has been configured to the website footer globally on your website, where you want to track the visitors and contacts behavior, the tracking pixel will start tracking the contacts from all the pages of your website.

In some cases, we don’t want to track certain pages of the website through Aritic PinPoint tracking pixel. In this case, we can add these pages inside the Aritic PinPoint setting and it will avoid these pages getting tracked from Aritic PinPoint tracking code.

How to Configure Do Not Track Pages from Aritic Pinpoint:

1. Navigate to Setting menu from top right screen of Aritic PinPoint dashboard. Then get inside Advance Settings, and from the left menu navigate to “Tracking Settings“.

2. On this screen, go to “Do not track settings” box and there add the URLs, which you don’t want to track.

You can add a wildcard inside this box and ignore the URLs getting tracked. Once added all the URLs and conditions wildcard, “Save and Close” on this page.

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