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What is Browser Fingerprint Tracking?

In this article, you’ll learn “what is browser fingerprint tracking”

  1. Browser fingerprinting is an increasingly commonly discussed technique of identifying an individual user by the unique patterns of information visible whenever a computer or users visit a website.
  2. Web advertisers and many others have long appreciated the volumes of information they can collect on us based only on our web browsing patterns.
  3. Browser fingerprint is information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification. It can be used to wholly or partially identify individual users or devices even when cookies are turned off.
  4. A web-server can see which browser version a user is using; it tests your browser to see how unique it is based on the information it will share with sites it visits
  5. In addition to tracking, identification can result in sites blocking access to pertinent data, and showing higher prices.
  6. The information collected is quite comprehensive and often includes the browser type and version, operating system and version, screen resolution, supported fonts, plugins, time zone, language and font preferences, and even hardware configurations.
  7. The result is the ability to track users even if they are deleting all their cookies and hiding their IP addresses with tools.
  8. While fingerprints are not identifying in the same way as an IP address, they do enable user recognition whenever revisiting a website. Even when deleting cookies, the browser fingerprint allows organizations to re-identify and re-cookie your system, essentially rejecting your efforts to remain private.

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