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Audit Log Tab for Contact

Aritic PinPoint introduced its brand new audit log feature. This audit log feature is available to its users and for integration purposes. It allows enterprises as well as SMBs to track updates made to the contact list. One can track various information such as who did it, the updated changes and the time of updated changes.

Tracking the changes:

Quite a few companies give access to multiple users to edit and update the information such as contacts, notes and reminders. At some point in time, one needs to update additional information like phone, address, date of birth, etc. Native Aritic PinPoint integrations allow these functions which cause false information to circulate. This false information can be problematic and one needs to control it. This is where the data audit feature plays a role. One can view the entire history of all user-related changes or integrations. To enable this, the addition of an audit tab and an integration tab is made to the contact details page.

Contact Audit log and integrations audit:

One can check information like which contacts are connected to which integrations. In this way, it enables your organization to keep a tab on information of a contact such as its source and furthermore the connection of the contact with CRM, Social Networks, and so on. Aritic PinPoint also displays information like the date of the last synchronization with CRM, the date of addition of the contact, and even the contact ID in the CRM instrument.

Audit log for users:

As for the individual users, they are free to make changes through forms, pixel interactions and changes made by the colleagues. Other information like the date on which it updated the contact and the progressions made from that point forward is available by simply tapping on the icon of the first column of the list you can receive a report referring to the update.

The feature is beneficial for companies as one cannot afford false information to circulate. A user has to think twice before feeding into inaccurate information. This financial certainty will help the people understand the ascertained workplace. It recognizes all the possible pieces of evidence that evaluates and formulates the opinion on the basis of communication they carry that out.

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