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How To Add Device Granularity Widget

Aritic PinPoint tracks each visitors access device information too. You can use this feature inside marketing campaigns to organize them in a better way. Having the detail of device used to access the we assets, you can optimize email campaign and communication marketing campaigns according to the subscriber device behavior. For example, you can optimize the email templates for different mobile users rather than only focusing on desktop uses of the end subscribers, which is declining among some of the segments year on year.

1. Go to the dashboard and Click on “Add Report” option from the right corner of the screen as shown below.

2. In the new pop-up box, fill all the desired entries such as Name, Width, Height as shown below

3. Now, Go to “Type” option, under “Add Widget” select “Device Granularity” option as shown below.

4. Fill the Mandatory fields and click on ‘save’ as shown as below screenshot.

5. Finally, your widget will look like below image.

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