Configuring a Custom Email Address Forward with Gmail

  Handling Inbound Emails

Aritic Mail provides a unique feature where you can send your email by using unique sender email address to avoid bounce return emails to the from address, however, it is very difficult to remember all dynamic email addresses. You can configure your own domain email address like . As Aritic Mail has support for MX Record, it has capabilities to handle any incoming emails process route them further to an external address, webhook point or SMTP server.

You can forward your incoming messages to any other email by using this feature but we are recommending Google’s mail as Gmail will handle spam fairly and catch before it gets to Aritic Mail.


Configuring a Gmail Forwarding Address with Aritic Mail

  1. Create an email address on Gmail that you want to forward your incoming emails.
  2. Login to your Aritic Mail account.
  3. Go to Address Endpoints, Routes -> Address Endpoints.
  4. Click on “Add your first address endpoint” to add a forwarder address.
  5. In next screen you add your Gmail address and click on “Create address endpoint” button.
  6. This endpoint address will use as forwarded address for your incoming emails.

AriticMail Gmail Forwarding