Guide to troubleshooting email delivery

  Email Delivery

First of all, Aritic Mail ensures that before you start sending emails you are asked to configure proper SPF, DKIM and Return path records in your DNS and verification option at your dashboard. These are the mandatory records required to fully compliant as the sender.

Troubleshooting email delivery has lot many things to be done by IT admin, However, at Aritic Mail we intend to make it easy by enabling RAW details delivery log access so that everyone can identify and fix them.

In the Aritic Mail email status report, you can easily identify the whether the mail has been successfully delivered to the destination address or has been soft/hard bounced.  Even if your email is internally bounced due to low reputation sending domain, domain blacklisted, receipt email gateway has rejected to accept emails. On the basis of the issue detected in the system, you are required to take appropriate help, If you are not sure what is to be done when lots of delivery issues are happening, you can reach out to email delivery team for any assistance in understanding the issues and to remediate them.