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Zoom Integration

This article describes how to set up integration between Zoom and Aritic PinPoint. This article gets divided into two major parts: 

  1. Integration of Zoom and Aritic PinPoint
  2. Use case of Aritic and Automation 

You can contact Aritic Integration Support team if your account does not fall in the above category. 

You can add registrants through Aritic dashboard for the zoom meeting and follow the below points to execute the whole process.    

Zoom Integration requirements

  1. In Aritic Dashboard, Click on settings in the main navigation bar, and select apps under integration settings as shown below.

2. After selecting apps, scroll down to choose the webinar on the left side menu.

3. Hover over the options, and search for the zoom integration.

4. Go to the Zoom page; you will get a client ID and client secret. You have to take the details from

Add zoom links in client details

You can add zoom features to clients details for creating meetings with your prospects at the prerequisite time.  

  1. You have to enter into the and select solutions from the left will find the Marketplace.

2. After selecting Marketplace, click on Develop at the right top corner.

3. After hovering, you would discover Build an App from the dropdown menu, click on it. Then, you have to choose your app type. Don’t miss to select OAuth from the available options.

4. Immediately, you have to create an OAuth App. In that page, fill the App name and click the Account-level app from the dialog box to choose an app type. In the end, you can see “Would you like to publish this app on Zoom App Marketplace”, don’t enable this button. For proceeding further, click on create after selecting the app type and fill other available options.


5. Hover over the demo page to find Client ID and Client secret under App Credentials.  

6. In an Aritic account, you have to copy and paste the client ID under the Zoom page.


7. You have to copy the client secret from zoom page (  to plugin page of Aritic Dashboard.

8. Don’t miss to copy the client secret link from the zoom page, then add it to the redirect URL for OAuth and Whitelist URL and click on continue. 

9. When you click Information, you have to fill the basic details. It is mandatory to fill a short and long descriptions.
10. Fill up the ‘Name’ and ‘Email Address’ under Developer Contact Information. 

11. In Add Features, click Event Subscriptions to add a new event subscription. If you click on it, below are Subscription Name, Event notification endpoint URL, and Event types. Don’t forget to give Subscription Name, then paste URL in the Event notification endpoint URL taken from zoom plugin page (webhook URL section) below Authorize button.     

12. Click add events in Event types at the bottom.  

13. You will find an option of meeting, webinar, recording and many more. Choose meeting, and you can select six options: Participant/Host joined meeting, Participant/Host left meeting, Meeting Registration has been created, Meeting Registration has been cancelled, Meeting Registration has been approved, and Meeting Registration has been denied from the dropdown menu. 

14. If you click on the webinar, again you have to select six options from the dropdown menu. Select the following options: Participant/Host joined webinar, Participant/Host left webinar, Webinar Registration has been created, Webinar Registration has been cancelled, Webinar Registration has been approved, Webinar Registration has been denied. 

15. Under Scope, you have to click on the add scopes button. Then, you will find the meeting option at the top. In the meeting, move to the choices available on the right side. Immediately, select ‘View and manage sub account’s user meetings’ and ‘View and manage all user meetings.’ Similarly, you have to choose similar options for the webinar- View and manage sub account’s user webinars and View and manage all user webinars.

16. After configuring the zoom account in the, go to zoom plugin page in Aritic Pinpoint dashboard and click on Authorize button to finish this setting.

Set up an Automation workflow inside Aritic PinPoint

If one wants to set up an automation workflow to add registrants of Zoom meeting, then learn about the process from the below steps.  

  1. In your Aritic account, click on Automation and go to Create New Automation Workflow at the right top corner.

2. Under the new Automation Workflow, you have to fill the Name and click on Workflow Studio. 

3. After searching the Contact Segments, click on it. 

4. Once you click Contact Segments, hover on it and fill the Contact Source. Don’t select any option under the Exclude contact segments. In the end, don’t miss to click on the ‘Add’ button.  

5. You will be able to see ZoomDemo, click at the bottom plus sign of the ZoomDemo. After clicking, immediately get a workflow chart of Decision, Condition and Action. Here, you have to press on the ‘Action’ button.

6. After selecting the ‘Action’ button, you will find a big chart. In the first column, you can see ‘Add Registrant To Zoom Meeting’ and ‘Add Registrant to Zoom Webinar’. Don’t miss to click on ‘Add Registrant To Zoom Meeting’.  
Zoom Meeting Setup

7. Under the ‘Add Registrant To Zoom Meeting’ page, fill up the ‘Name’, choose a ‘Meeting ID’ from the drop-down menu and click on the ‘Add’ button. 
Zoom meeting ID

8. Now, click on the ‘Decision’ button. 
Zoom Meeting page

9. After clicking on the ‘Decision’ button, you will find multiple options. Scroll down, you can see ‘Zoom Meeting Decision’ and ‘Zoom Webinar Decision’.

10. Don’t miss to select ‘Zoom Meeting Decision’; then you have to fill up ‘Name’ and ‘MeetingId’. Under Select Events, there are four available options: Approved, Cancelled, Participant Joined, Participant Left. You have to choose one option and then Click on the ‘Add’ button.

11. In the ZoomDemo page, you can see the Name of added registrants, click on ‘Apply’ and ‘Close Studio’.
Step12. You will come to the Edit Campaign page; you have to click Yes in the “Published” tool. Click on ‘Save and Close’ and ‘Apply’ button. 

13. You can see the Registered Name on the performance page. 
Contacts Performance

14. After finishing the above steps, now you can see the data of registered participants, participants attended the meeting attended, and participants left the meeting. You have to go to the left corner in the Aritic dashboard, search for ‘Contacts’. Click on ‘Contacts’, you can manage all visitors, leads, and customers. 


15. Under the ‘Contact’ page, you have to type your name in the filter. Once you can see your name, right-click on it. You will get the below page.

16. On the top, there are three options-Edit, Profile, and Engagement. Select ‘Engagement,’ after that you can see the engagement graph of different months. Below, you will get ‘Event Name’.
17. Click on the image of the video; you will get the details of the webinar registration created.

18) Click on the image; you will get the details of the left and joined registrants in the webinar.

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