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Aritic HIPAA Compliant process

Aritic supports HIPAA, and it provides some of the configurations to be compliance with HIPAA. There are a few the configuration needed by the user to make sure about HIPAA PIA compliance configuration of the system, and it is the Application and User both responsibility to adhere to compliance. Aritic PinPoint is one of the best in class HIPAA compliance marketing automation software. There were only a few marketing automation software providers that make you HIPAA compliance .

We do have many customers from the healthcare industry, and we help them to achieve HIPAA compliance through some of the configurations specific to HIPAA specific. The customer has to inform the Sales, and Customer Success team about their HIPAA requirement earlier before purchasing the package as HIPAA is the extra package included only for the Enterprise customer.
One of the most basic needs is the segregation of data from other customers where Aritic PinPoint instance for HIPAA will be separate for every customer.
The guidance to our customer within Aritic PinPoint:

  1. Create a custom role in Aritic with a proper level of Access.

Create custom role

2. Create access to each and every object with a level of view/edit export etc.

Create access

3. Field level control :
a. Disable the short form available for your sensitive information
b. Disable public updates for your sensitive information

Field level control

Note: Please use other options for visibility and use object/module permission access to access other places. e.g.- Provided the segment access to only those who are responsible and then make sure to enable the segment visibility option for the field.

4. Aritic Provides an option to Audit the log for all activities to know every activity done by users within the system.

Activity log

5. Every Contacts based log is available as an audit log to track user and system-based monitoring of activity

audit log

6. Aritic does not provide field-level access control, to achieve this please disable the column configuration option from the contact view. Note: By default, when system deployment with HIPAA perspective, these option is disabled in the system

Note: Please request a signed copy of BAA from us.

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