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Vtiger Integration

vTiger is rolled into one CRM designed for businesses which provide lots of opportunities to respect their customer interrelation and enables them to build strong and long-lasting business connections with integrating to Aritic PinPoint.

Vtiger CRM helps organizations improve both prospective and current customer experiences by automating their sales, support, and marketing tasks and developing a variety of business-enhancing insights.

The Aritic PinPoint integration leverages the REST API and the vTiger editions that enable APIs are as follows:-

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Starter Edition

How to set up integration between Vtiger and Aritic PinPoint.


  • Aritic PinPoint user account– For Vtiger Integration first we have to register and login to Aritic PinPoint.
  • Vtiger user account– The second step is to sign up for a Vtiger integration.

Authenticate the vTiger plugin

  1. vTiger URL-
  2. vTiger username – we need a username i.e email address to login to vTiger
  3. vTiger access key– Go to Vtiger Dashboard > Settings > My Preference.

  4. Copy the Access Key under User Advanced option.

Configure the Aritic PinPoint vTiger plugin

Aritic  Dashboard > Settings > Plugins.

2 Select the CRM option to view all the CRMs available for integration. Select vTiger CRM from the list.

3 You will see the following dialog box. Change the published status to Yes. Proceed with entering the Consumer ID and secret code that you generated via the vTiger account. Make sure to enable pop-ups to proceed further.

Click on Authorize app to get started.

4. Next, click on the Features tab to configure and map all contact fields.

Test the plugin integration

Before testing an integration plugin first we have to ensure that it is configured properly or not.

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