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OneSignal Integration

Engage your target leads with automated push drip notification campaigns via OneSignal integration. OneSignal will enable you to create push campaigns based on details of the platform the target device is running on. OneSignal makes it possible to receive and send push notifications.

Push notifications are the most convenient way to keep the interaction going on even after your target leads have left your site. It is an on-the-go communication that is not interruptive yet engaging. Aritic PinPoint lets you add OneSignal plugin and use it for drip campaigns along with other marketing campaigns. To start a push campaign, you will first need to integrate OneSignal.

Before you start, check these two documents on Configuring OneSignal for iOS and Android.

Configure for iOS
Configure for Android

Follow the following steps in order to get started with OneSignal web push notification:

  1. Register and Login to your Aritic PinPoint Account.
  2. Register and Login to your OneSignal Account.

3. Create an App for web push notifications for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox inside “OneSignal” and then go to “App Settings”.

4. Copy the details such as:

  • Web Notifications Provider App ID
  • Web Notifications Provider API Key (OneSignal Rest API)
  • Safari Web ID (if you want to support Apple Push Notifications )
  • A shared key for push notifications (Sender Key ID)

Now, go to your Aritic PinPoint Account and follow these steps:

1.Click on Settings > Plugin from the right corner of the screen.

2. Click on “OneSignal“.

3. click on “Enabled/Auth”. After that enter following information:

  • OneSignal App ID
  • Safari Web ID
  • OneSignal Rest API Key
  • A shared key for push notifications

PS: Shared key for push notifications should be “482941778795” only.

4. Click on “Feature”

Fill all the copied details in the given columns, click on “Close and Save”.

After you have completed above steps; finally don’t forget to copy these files to root dir of your tracking page (like main website directory):

Download these files from here.

Testing of the files:

If your website is; then above files should open at these locations-

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