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How to use UTM Parameter Tags inside Marketing Assets?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameter tags are used to keep track on the referral sources of traffic inside the Google Analytics account. To understand different UTM Parameter tags and how to use, setup on your own, you can refer this blog post written by Neil Patel.

Yes, you can also setup these UTM Parameter tags inside marketing assets of Aritic PinPoint automatically and track the link clicks inside Aritic PinPoint. UTM Parameter settings are available inside Email templates, email campaigns, and forms. Once you start using these UTM Parameter tags inside assets, then you would be able to automatically convert the simple link URLs inside email templates and email campaigns into trackable URLs.

To add UTM Parameter tags inside email templates and email campaigns, follow the following setting:

1. When you are inside the Email template/email campaign, navigate to the Marketing Tags tab, there you can add Campaign Source, Campaign Name, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Content.

2. Once all these UTM parameter tags are setup and you have added URL links inside your email content, then these URLs will automatically get re-written with UTM tags. And when someone clicks on these links from the email body, then you can get the tracking information inside your Google Analytics account. To make sure that the tracking is working properly, you need to add a Google Analytics tracking code on the pages where you are tracking these clicks.

Note: These UTM parameter tracking information are also captured inside Aritic PinPoint and are updated accordingly to the contact’s engagement tab automatically. Further, inside the Aritic PinPoint segment you can also use UTM parameters to filter the contacts inside segment based on link clicks.

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