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Create A / B test for Email Campaigns

Another name for A/B testing is split testing, this is the process of finding the best way of two campaigns which is more effective in the terms of opening the emails. You can test the campaigns by sending a small percentage of the total recipients where half of a campaign is sent to group A and another half is sent to group B. After that result should be measured on the percentage of a group who opened the email most. And then finally send the remaining email to the subscribers which group opened the most.

Types of A/B Test inside Aritic PinPoint

Aritic PinPoint supports doing A/B test on Email Templates and Segment-Based Email Campaigns. Email Templates are used inside the automation workflow, so the A/B test is performed on-fly when the automation workflow is published. A/B test on a segment-based email campaign is performed when it is sent to the selected segment.

You can test two (or more) versions of the templates/ campaigns in the following ways:-Subject Line – For testing the subject line all the campaign versions or the content should be the same except the subject line. To see what content is most interesting to the subscriber you first need to give two completely different topics for the subject line.
From Name – Details of the sender are very much important for the receiver because if they do not recognize who it’s from, then they will never ever open your email. So for testing you use a different name and email address for version A and version B.
Email Content- In email content, you have to test the content of two different elements of the email for example- section titles, article length, call to action header images

Choose recipients for Segment based Email Campaign

  1. When both versions of the campaign are set up you’ll be prompted to choose the subscriber list, or lists, to send to
  2. If new subscribers are added to a list after the A/B test has started they will not be sent the campaign.
  3. Any subscribers added while a test is in progress will have to be targeted separately.

How to create A / B test for an Email Template

  1. Click on Assets>>Email Templates.
  2. Click on Email Templates
  3. Click on Design New Email Template.
  4. Click on Email Studio.
  5. Click on Add A/B Test button.
  6.  Change the internal name.

Define Test Setting
Analyze and test the size of the group and decide the winner – if the receiver receives more emails from version A with respect to version B then we can conclude that the size of version A is larger and we have to send the remaining mail to version A. Through the size of the group, we can decide which version is the winner.
Test the run time and errors before you start sending the email- We have to analyze first how long time it is taking to click the email from hours to days. It is also important to check their errors before you start an A/B test because you can’t make any changes when it is in progress.

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