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Setup Team Hours for Team Members

i) In the Aritic dashboard, click on the ‘Conversation’ in the left menu.

ii) Then, click on ‘Chat Widget’.

iii) Hover over ‘Configure Team’ and press it.

iv) Don’t forget to press ‘Automatic online hours’.

v) Click on the checkbox of ‘Work hours/work days is active’ to bring the remaining options.

vi) Now, you can define the online hours by day/hour and custom period. Click on one of the suitable days from the checkbox to make it activated automatically.

vii) Fill in the blanks to show the remaining hours and minutes.

viii)  Select the relevant starting and end dates.

ix) Click on ‘Add.’

x) You can see the Period, as shown below. If you want to add more dates, click on the ‘Add’ button.

xi) At the end, click on ‘Update’ to complete the whole process.

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