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Segment Contacts through Category Based Lead Scoring

What is Category Based Lead Scoring?

Category-based lead scoring is a methodology that involves assigning a score to leads based on their attributes, behaviors, and other criteria that indicate their potential value to a business.

How to Create Lead Scoring Category

Steps for creating a lead scoring category:

1. Go to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard>>Settings>>Categories.

2. Click on Categories and Fill in all the Details

3. Go to type and select Score type

Segment Contacts through Category Based Lead Scoring Filter

Inside Aritic PinPoint you can segment contacts based on score category. You can define the score category from the Category panel of Aritic PinPoint. Once you start using the score categories, then you can find the Score/ Point Category filter inside the Segment Filter builder of Aritic PinPoint.

Steps for segmenting contacts through category-based lead scoring:

  1. Go to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard > Contacts > Segments

2. Click on Create New Segment

3. Fill all the details in the detail box

4. Once filling in all the details Next click on points.

5. Then click on Point Category.

6. Fill the point category in a filter i.e. including/excluding.

7. After applying click on the save & close button.

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