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Getting Started with Marketing Stages

When you implement an inbound marketing strategy, you start generating visitors. With anonymous tracking and monitoring, you retarget these visitors with relevant content. After successfully engaging them, these visitors convert into leads.

This is when the lifecycle of your potential customers starts. Aided by consistent nurturing, each lead proceeds within the marketing funnel – from one stage to another. Each marketing stage requires different automation campaigns, various forms of content, and regular monitoring. As your contact proceeds within the marketing funnel, their segments continue to update via the dynamic segmentation feature.

You can create multiple behavior-based campaigns using various marketing assets. These campaigns are automated, and relevant and are triggered to engage each lead based on their marketing stage.

Three marketing stages are:

Awareness:- Awareness stage is when your contact is new to your brand. At this stage, your lead is looking for more information to understand its own problem statement.

Consideration:-  Consideration stage marks the progress of this lead into the next phase where it knows what problems it has and probable solutions. In this stage, it is considering your product or services to resolve its issues.

Decision:- Decision stage where your potential customer is all set to hit the ‘buy’ button but needs a final push.

Note:- These three stages are followed by Delight.

Aritic PinPoint lets you create more than these three basic marketing stages. Your product may require more intermediate stages. You can also move your contacts from one stage to another within Aritic PinPoint, as and when required.

Steps to get started with stages:-

1. Login into the Aritic Pinpoint account

2. Click on “Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard”

3. Click on “Marketing Stage”.4. On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint, click on “NEW”. 5. Fill in all the entries such as Name, Description, Weight, etc.

6. Click “Save and Close”.

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