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How to measure the success of social media awareness campaign?

 How to measure the success of social media awareness campaign?

If you’re using social media, you should be measuring it. But don’t measure just for the sake of having metrics. Instead, measure your social activities so that you can learn what’s successful, what isn’t, and how you can improve.

1.Click on “Dashboard” 

2.Click on “Awareness Campaign” 

3.Click on “NEW CAMPAIGN” 

When will you click on “New Campaigns” Campaign page will appears.Fill the all requirements field.After filling the all field.

4.Click on “BUILDER” 

When you click on Builder button your campaign page will come.

5.Click on “+”

when you click on “+” sign then choose your option as you want’s.either you want to add Social activies or Condition.

Here you can choose your social activites.

Example  choose here “Post Status In Twitter”

6.when will you click on post status in Twitter the “Activity” form fill come fill the all fields.

Here you can will the all field those want like a Name of the activities, Assigns, Publish date, which locations you want to post your messages.

7.Click on ” SAVE” 

8.After filled the requirement the save you activities.

Here you again choose  your Activities like you can make the condition of the activities scenarios.

Example:- If you select the” Condition activities” like shown in  follow chat.

9.Click on ” SAVE” 

After filled the all will get follow chat of your Activities.Then closed the Builder part at top of the right corner.

10.Click on “CLOSE BUILDER ” 

11.Click on ” SAVE”

12.Here you will see your assign task and location of the post also you can edit the all option as mark , when you will click on “+“.

The content of Social media monitoring will complete by ” Ankit Sir “.

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