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Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Subject lines serve as the first and last impression. They are more important than the body copy of an email. A successful email begins with a good subject line that grabs the recipients’ attention, and compelling subject lines are descriptive or personal. It provides people with a reason to check your content and keep your audience in mind while testing different words and phrases.   

The importance of perfect subject lines is to increase the open inbox rate. You must stay updated on spam triggers and remain in touch with customers’ needs, behaviours, and interests.    

There are multiple ways to reach greatness with great subject lines. First, you can engage your audiences and navigate the technical element for sales and marketing with the help of subject lines. We have compiled the best practices and tips for creating good subject lines. In addition, you can follow the tips for generating more open and click-through rates.

a) Create personalized messages: Although personalization is the hot email marketing trending topic. Personalization shouldn’t only stick with the recipients’ names in the subject line. Marketers can personalize to a high degree with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ensure to use merge tags for personalizing your subject lines with each recipients’ location or name. You can craft personalized and compelling subject lines, and they will fall under good subject lines. If the subject line is intriguing, then recipients will check the full content. Personalization helps increase the open rates for different users, and it may work well with targeted automations, including post-purchase follow-ups and birthday deals.

b) Make it descriptive: Sometimes, it is better to be descriptive and direct than trendy and seasonal slogans that are popular but don’t offer a specific hook. So, you can try to communicate the benefits of your promotions or call attention to special deals.

c) Maintain a short one: Most of the subscribers prefer to read their email campaigns on their mobile devices, so short subject lines are better than long ones. You should not write the subject line more than nine words and 60 characters.

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