Configure an inbound server

  Handling Inbound Emails

Aritic Mail can handle your incoming emails by accepting them from other mail servers and process them to your own application by using HTTP post or forward them to external SMTP servers or to an e-mail address.

In case you already have an Incoming server configured for your domain, this configuration will be very straightforward. You don’t require to make any changes in your DNS records.

Only create an incoming server for the address you want to receive email for and then you need to provide with an email address that message can be forwarded to. Any message that is received to this address will be treated as if it had been sent directly to the address on the route.

The address to forward mail to can be found by clicking on the route and copying the field marked Address from the form.

Configure your MX records

In case you don’t have any incoming mail server, you can simply setup MX record in your DNS to The MX records are mentioned below and you should add this record in your DNS panel as priority 10. Once the DNS records are successfully complete and propagated, this will be shown as a green tick in your sending domain list