Can I purchase dedicated IPs? If yes, how dedicated IPs will be configured to my account?



For the new registration, the account will be placed on shared generic IP pool with limited hourly limit access. It’s always challenging for us to determine new profile and practices to place on a right IP pool. On the basis of the email contents, bounce percentage, spam complaints, and other practices on free email your sending capability and right pool placement will happen on our platform.

Dedicated IP is a very exclusive demand mostly we have seen in mostly our Banking and Financial customers.

Facilitating dedicated IPs is our add-ons service. You can add multiple IPs at the cost $25/IP on monthly recurring price model. Once the IP is purchased, Aritic backend team needs 24 hours to configure and associateĀ it with your account.

The refund cannot be done for dedicated IPs, as these are the direct cost we pay to the data center providers.