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View All Contacts that Opened Emails

You can build reports to exclusively see who opened your emails after you’ve sent an email campaign. Below are the steps to building this report.

1. Go to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > reports > engagement > Create new report.


2. Choose “Emails sent” as the data source.

3. Go on the “Data” tab.

Choose columns that you want to display. Here an example below but you can add any columns you want.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

The “Read” column is important because it is the one that indicates if contacts clicked on the email. We’ll also use it as a filter to display only contacts that have clicked.


4. Add a filter on the “Read” column. You can add a second filter on emails ID to filter on a specific email.

email reports

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You can make this second filter dynamic. In that case, you can quickly switch emails when looking at the report. Otherwise, you just filter on a specific email.


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