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How to use Code Mode Inside Landing Page Editor

Using Code Mode inside Landing Page Editor

Code mode is used to create customized landing pages based on how you want to define your page layout for your visitors. It is an HTML code and is used to define page layout, images, bullet points, numbered lists, and brand logos. All landing page elements should be featured with appropriate HTML tags to define the webpage.

Things you can do:

  1. You can create your own style of Page Layout.
  2. You can choose the images to place on your landing page.
  3. You can add your logo.

Creating code mode inside a Landing Page. 

1. Login into  Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard>>Assets>>Landing Pages >> Design New Landing Page.

2. On the next page, under Theme opt for Code Mode as shown below.

landing page studio

3. Once you Select the coding mode, click on Landing Page Studio to start creating your customized landing page. Here you can edit and modify your Landing Page. To do modifications, you have to click on Format Code as shown below.

landing page code ode

After you are done editing the HTML code, click on Apply to apply all your changes, and go back to the previous page where you will need to click on Apply >> Save and Close to implement all the changes.

[lore_alert_message type=”info”]

By switching to the Code Mode, you will be able to edit the content only in HTML code. Changing back to a theme will make you lose the content.


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